Other publications

Sloos, Marjoleine & Mathea Neijmeijer. 2015. Ongoing dispersion in Austrian Standard German: A sociolinguistic study. ATINER’s Conference Paper Series LNG2015-1568, 6-9 July 2015. Athens, Greece.

Sloos, Marjoleine. 2013. Government Phonology. In: Bernd Kortmann & Johannes Katabek (eds). Theorien und Methoden der Sprachwissenschaft (Sprachtheorie und Methodenlehre)/Theories and Methods of Linguistics [Wörterbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (WSK)]. 247-261. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

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Marjoleine Sloos

Postdoctoral Researcher at Fryske Akademy, KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences). Research interests: phonetic, phonological and sociolinguistic aspects of bilingualism and second language acquisition. Focus on Frisian, Dutch and Chinese.