Conference Talks


“Perceptual cue weighting of Chinese consonants in L1 and L2 Chinese” 13-14 July 2016. 14th International Conference on Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education, Newcastle University, UK. (With Mengzhu Yan).

“Perceptual cue weighting of Chinese consonants in L1 and L2 Chinese” 10-12 June 2016. New Sounds 2016, Aarhus, Denmark. (With Mengzhu Yan).

“One rule, two frequency effects” 18-20 May 2016. r’-atics 5, Ljouwert, The Netherlands.

“Accents in Danish: A perceptual study “ 6 February 2016. De Grote Taaldag 2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (With Jeroen van de Weijer & Mengzhu Yan ).


“Danish-accented tone” 26-27 October 2015. Workshop “Chinese Accents and Accented Chinese”, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai. (With Jie Liang, Mengzhu Yan and Chun Zhang).

“Ongoing dispersion in Austrian Standard German: A sociolinguistic study” 6-9 July 2015. The 8th Annual International Conference Languages & Linguistics, Athens, Greece. (With Mathea Neijmeijer)

“Music perception transfer to speech perception: Decrease of bias” 17 February 2015. Nobelparken, building 1483-3, IMC meeting room (312), Aarhus University, Denmark.

“What can adults speech us tell about infant directed speech?” 7 February 2015. Grote Taaldag Linguistics in the Netherlands, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


“Danish-Accented Chinese: a new research agenda” 4-5 December 2014. Workshop “Chinese as foreign language (CFL) teachers and teaching: Theory and Practice”, Aarhus, Denmark.

“Foreign language teachers and perceptual bias” 9-10 October 2014. Workshop “Chinese Accents and Accented Chinese”, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai.

“Own variety bias!” 18-20 September 2014. (With Andrea Ariza-García). Bias in Perception, Aarhus, Denmark.

“Beware: Coder Bias!” 10-15 August 2014. International Applied Linguistics Association World Congress, Brisbane, Australia.

“Tone and intonation production in the Urumqi dialect of Chinese” 14-16 May 2014.Tonal Aspects of Languages TAL2014. Nijmegen, Netherlands. (With Xinlu Yang and Jie Liang).

“Beware: Coder Bias!” 1 April 2014. Nobelparken, building 1483-3, IMC meeting room (312), Aarhus University, Denmark.

“Beware: Coder Bias!” 1 February 2014. tTindag, Applied Linguistics Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands. 

“Austrian German front vowels: Ongoing dispersion” 1 February 2014. (With Mathea Neijmeijer). Grote Taaldag, Utrecht, Netherlands. 

“Predicting order of tonal acquisition in Mandarin” 1 February 2014. (With Jeroen van de Weijer). Grote Taaldag, Utrecht, Netherlands. 


“Frequency and Phonological Grammar” 26 November 2013. Guest lecture. Tongji University, Shanghai China.

“Ongoing Dispersion: The Case of Austrian Standard German Vowels” 14-15 June 2013. (With Mathea Neijmeijer) 24rd Tabudag Groningen, Netherlands.                                                                          

“Acquiring markedness constraints: The case of French”  10 May 2013. (With Jeroen van de Weijer). Shanghai International Studies University, China.

“Acquiring markedness constraints: The case of French”  16 May 2013. With Jeroen van de Weijer. East China Normal University, China.

“Grammar interacts with Frequency: Dutch loanwords in Indonesian” 3-5 May 2013. The 4th International Theoretical Phonology Conference Taipei, Taiwan.

“Recency, frequency, and phonotactics: Pretonic schwa reduction in Dutch” 27 September 2013. Symposion for Vincent van Heuven. University of Groningen, Netherlands.

“The acquisition of markedness constraints: The case of French” 9 February 2013. (With Jeroen van de Weijer). Grote Taaldag. Utrecht, The Netherlands.


“Halo! Coder bias?”  12-15 November 2012. ALAA Applied Linguistics Association of Australia National conference. Perth, Australia.

“The (non)-integration of Dutch loanwords in Indonesian” 20-22 April 2012. 2nd International Phonetics & Phonology Conference Shanghai, SISU.   


“Chasing shadows” 28-30 September 2011. Madrid: New trends on psycholinguistics.

“Reduplication in Leti: Input-reduplicant correspondence” 5 February 2011. Linguistics in the Netherlands. Utrecht, The Netherlands.


“Shadowing two variants of one phoneme” 11-12 November 2010. Experimental Approaches in Language Variation Groningen, The Netherlands.

“Chasing Shadows” 15-16 October 2010. P&P6 Phonetik und Phonologietreffen. Frankfurt, Germany.

“Sources of variation in the pronunciation of /E:/ in German: a corpus-based approach” 23 September 2010. London-Leiden Phonology Meeting. Leiden, The Netherlands.

“Frequency effects interact with grammar” 20-22 May 2010. Manchester Phonology Meeting. Manchester, UK.

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Marjoleine Sloos

Postdoctoral Researcher at Fryske Akademy, KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences). Research interests: phonetic, phonological and sociolinguistic aspects of bilingualism and second language acquisition. Focus on Frisian, Dutch and Chinese.