The Boarnsterhim Corpus (BHC) is a corpus for researchers and students who want to study the phonetics, phonology, variation and change in spoken West Frisian. The BHC will be embedded in a larger database of Frisian corpora in order to make it possible to study the effects of lexical frequency. The first data will be published in 2018 and the corpus will be extended in the upcoming years.

Students who are interested in an internship on one of the following (or related) topics are welcome to contact dr. Marjoleine Sloos bilingualism, phonetics, sociolinguistics, phonology, reading skills, language attitudes, corpus linguistics.

Interns and volunteers who are interested in the construction of the corpus (recordings, orthographic transcriptions in Dutch and/or Frisian, phonetic transcriptions, POS tagging) are also advised to contact dr. Marjoleine Sloos

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Marjoleine Sloos

Postdoctoral Researcher at Fryske Akademy, KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences). Research interests: phonetic, phonological and sociolinguistic aspects of bilingualism and second language acquisition. Focus on Frisian, Dutch and Chinese.