I am researcher in linguistics at the Fryske Akademy (KNAW Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences). My research areas are the phonetics and phonology of bilingualism and second language acquisition, and language variation and change. I have a broad interest in human perception and decision making, especially with regard to bias. As for my research, this translates to phonetic transcription biases. I am currently constructing the Boarnsterhim Corpus:  a sociolinguistic database consisting of bilingual Frisian-Dutch speech of four generations of speakers.

The languages I am  working on are: Frisian, Dutch, and Chinese. Previously, I have been studying the phonology of Japanese, Indonesian, the Indonesian languageLeti, as well as perception in different varieties of French.

‘Gradience and categoricality’
Acrylic and oil on canvas 60x60cm
Christiaan Sloos
© 2013.